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The cost of services to create and complete a design project is calculated individually in each case according to the Customer’s needs and the tasks assigned to us. For the convenience of calculating the primary commercial offer, we use conditional separation of the types of the design projects. This enables to choose the scope of the work you need and to calculate estimated cost.

The cost for creating and completing a design project is calculated individually according to a customer’s needs and the tasks assigned to us. 
We have developed conditional design categories so you’d be able to determine the initial expenses related to your design project. This allows you to choose the scope of the work you need done and calculate the estimated cost.

The prices listed below do not constitute an official price quotation. The final cost of the design project is determined through negotiations between the parties and approved before signing the service agreement. We offer our customers individual discounts to lower the costs of a project to an acceptable level.

Project type Outline Full Expanded
Cost per m2 15 € 30 € 40 €

Outline project

  • prepared without reference to specific materials, furniture elements etc.
  • contains the necessary minimum set of drawings and visualizations to manage an independent project
  • suitable for those who want to get a general idea of how an apartment or house would look like after renovation
  • the advantages of this type of project are a relatively low price and the opportunity to see how the future interior would look like, as well as the possibility of eliminating defects and saving on the correction of defects during planning, not repairs.

Full project

  • prepared with specific materials, furniture elements etc. in mind
  • contains a full set of drawings, developments, cutouts and visualizations of premises
  • has an explanatory note to accompany the specification
  • suitable for handing over directly to the builders and workers
  • the advantage of this type of project is that you get a design ready for realization, which means the builders’ work is a lot easier. Also, you’ll be able to check that the actual work performed complies with the project documentation.

Expanded project

  • contains everything included in the full project as well as the detailed drawings of the built-in furniture (kitchens, dressing rooms, etc.)
  • contains a plumbing specification
  • contains a technical specification for the mounting of acoustic devices
  • contains materials on lighting sources
  • includes a selection of colors for the premises
  • the customer can realize the project remotely via the Internet, etc.
  • the advantage of this type of project are the minute details that allow you to save both time and money on the repair and construction work.

To achieve the best final result, a designer should consistently supervise the work. This will avoid inconsistencies and errors during the repairs and construction and improve the quality of the work.

Designer supervision as a work monitoring tool allows making sure that the project is executed properly in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

1 hour of designer supervision costs 30 €

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