About Us

We have been working in the luxury furniture industry for more than 16 years. Since 2013, we are the only official SieMatic dealer in Estonia. Our team includes qualified specialists trained in Germany. A number of successfully completed projects have given us invaluable experiences and allowed us to build a clear working system starting from the first meeting with a customer leading up to completing a kitchen. Our partners are reliable and well-to-do companies. All our clients are treated with attention and respect.

  • We only involve certified professionals in working on your kitchen project.
  • We offer the best solutions for your project in terms of design, choice of materials, appliances and plumbing. We adhere to fair pricing principles.
  • We listen to all your wishes, stay in touch and provide you answers to any questions related to the design of your kitchen in a reasonable time.
  • We do everything in our power to ensure that the final result exceeds all your expectations.

Why Astieks?

The modern market is full of interior design and furniture sales offers. It may be difficult to makes sense of all this variety and choose a suitable option. At first sight, all manufacturers offer the same product with a different price, but this is just an illusion. To understand who is a reliable partner, you need to know more about a company’s history and its work principles.

Our company has been successful on the Estonian market for more than 12 years, and has found a niche for itself in the luxury goods business. Our customers appreciate us for our individual approach and the ability to choose only the best product for a mutually beneficial price. We have established partnerships with the best furniture manufacturers in Europe. Still, we have been looking for a furniture company that would be worthy of becoming a part of our range and allow offering our clients high quality products with unsurpassed design and a reasonable price. And we managed to do it!

In 2013 we became the official dealer of SieMatic, a globally recognized German kitchen furniture brand. Founded in 1929, the company has a rich history and a lot of achievements that changed the world of kitchen furniture. Their innovations are used by all kitchen manufacturers even today.

For example, in 1960 SieMatic introduced the first modular kitchen without handles. Nowadays this is the most popular kitchen solution in the world. If you purchase a SieMatic kitchen you can be sure that this furniture will serve you for a long time, and its timelessly elegant design will remain fresh even after many years.

Working Process

Primary consultation

Contact us and book a time for a meeting with our SieMatic specialist. Then visit our kitchen showroom to see and feel what makes SieMatic so special and different from other manufacturers. At the salon you will be able to view various models of kitchen equipment by leading German manufacturers and ask all the questions that interest you. 
If you have the design drawings for your kitchen, please take them with you.

It is always useful to arrange an additional meeting at your home so we could inspect the kitchen area. During this visit we will get to know you better and determine how well the existing space is organized and which elements are missing, discuss your budget and talk about materials. We will take measurements, if necessary. The information collected at this stage will help us realize the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen design

When we know enough about your requirements, interior and preferences in style, we will start drawing your design and calculating costs. Our designer will prepare the designs of your new SieMatic kitchen. You will be invited to visit our showroom again. During this meeting we will present you sample materials and color schemes for the proposed design, a clear vision of the appearance and characteristics of your future kitchen.

In the course of work two or three additional meetings may be organized so that the final design would be perfect and all nuances would be taken into account.

Preparation for installation

When the kitchen design is finalized, the premises are measured again (to ensure that the dimensions of the premises correspond to project dimensions and general building standards).

Depending on the selection of materials, the manufacture and delivery of furniture will take from 8 to 12 weeks. If inconsistencies are detected, we have time to eliminate defects.

Installation is performed by qualified assemblers according to a pre-agreed schedule at any time convenient to you.

Components and accessories are delivered on the first day of installation or the day before. We prepare detailed technical drawings in advance, indicating all electrical and sanitary outlets necessary for your kitchen. Before the delivery, a preliminary inspection of the premises is required to verify compliance with project documentation.


A team of qualified assemblers arrive at the time agreed upon with you in advance and start work. On average, the installation of kitchen furniture takes from 3 to 7 days.

Stone worktops should be installed in two weeks after measurements are taken.
Experience shows that sometimes unforeseen situations may arise during assembly. We always endeavor to find the right solution as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your new SieMatic kitchen. When the assembly is finished we would like to visit you in your new kitchen and see the results.

For us, the most enjoyable part of the whole process is to see how our projects have been realized, make sure that our customers feel happy and remain our partners for many years!


All SieMatic kitchens are designed for an extended period of exploitation. Their durability is guaranteed owing to high-quality modern materials and mechanisms as well as high-tech manufacturing. Step-by-step control during the manufacturing process and our own testing laboratory ensure the high level of quality of the finished products, worthy of the SieMatic brand. A five-year warranty is provided to all kitchen models. However, experience shows that the actual term of use (without significant qualitative changes) is a maximum of 10 years. Many owners of SieMatic kitchens use them for 20 years and replace the furniture and equipment only because they decide it’s time to make some changes. It is very important for us to guarantee that every SieMatic owner is fully satisfied with their kitchen and we provide maximum customer support during the entire period you use your kitchen.