Process & Pricing


The cost for creating and completing a design project is calculated individually according to a customer’s needs and the tasks assigned to us. 
We have developed conditional design categories so you’d be able to determine the initial expenses related to your design project. This allows you to choose the scope of the work you need done and calculate the estimated cost.

Outline project

  • €15 per m2
  • Prepared without reference to specific materials, furniture elements etc.
  • Contains the necessary minimum set of drawings and visualizations to manage an independent project
  • Suitable for those who want to get a general idea of how an apartment or house would look like after renovation
  • The advantages of this type of project are a relatively low price and the opportunity to see how the future interior would look like, as well as the possibility of eliminating defects and saving on the correction of defects during planning, not repairs.

Full Project

  • €30 per m2
  • Prepared with specific materials, furniture elements etc. in mind
  • Contains a full set of drawings, developments, cutouts and visualizations of premises
  • Has an explanatory note to accompany the specification
  • Suitable for handing over directly to the builders and workers
  • The advantage of this type of project is that you get a design ready for realization, which means the builders’ work is a lot easier. Also, you’ll be able to check that the actual work performed complies with the project documentation.

Expanded Project

  • €40 per m2
  • Contains everything included in the full project as well as the detailed drawings of the built-in furniture (kitchens, dressing rooms, etc.)
  • Contains a plumbing specification
  • Contains a technical specification for the mounting of acoustic devices
  • Contains materials on lighting sources
  • Includes a selection of colors for the premises
  • The customer can realize the project remotely via the Internet, etc.
  • The advantage of this type of project are the minute details that allow you to save both time and money on the repair and construction work.


To achieve the best final result, a designer should consistently supervise the work. This will avoid inconsistencies and errors during the repairs and construction and improve the quality of the work.

Designer supervision as a work monitoring tool allows making sure that the project is executed properly in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

€40 per m2

The prices listed below do not constitute an official price quotation. The final cost of the design project is determined through negotiations between the parties and approved before signing the service agreement. We offer our customers individual discounts to lower the costs of a project to an acceptable level.

Working Process

Primary consultation

Contact us and book a time for a meeting with our SieMatic specialist. Then visit our kitchen showroom to see and feel what makes SieMatic so special and different from other manufacturers. At the salon you will be able to view various models of kitchen equipment by leading German manufacturers and ask all the questions that interest you. 
If you have the design drawings for your kitchen, please take them with you.

It is always useful to arrange an additional meeting at your home so we could inspect the kitchen area. During this visit we will get to know you better and determine how well the existing space is organized and which elements are missing, discuss your budget and talk about materials. We will take measurements, if necessary. The information collected at this stage will help us realize the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen design

When we know enough about your requirements, interior and preferences in style, we will start drawing your design and calculating costs. Our designer will prepare the designs of your new SieMatic kitchen. You will be invited to visit our showroom again. During this meeting we will present you sample materials and color schemes for the proposed design, a clear vision of the appearance and characteristics of your future kitchen.

In the course of work two or three additional meetings may be organized so that the final design would be perfect and all nuances would be taken into account.

Preparation for installation

When the kitchen design is finalized, the premises are measured again (to ensure that the dimensions of the premises correspond to project dimensions and general building standards).

Depending on the selection of materials, the manufacture and delivery of furniture will take from 8 to 12 weeks. If inconsistencies are detected, we have time to eliminate defects.

Installation is performed by qualified assemblers according to a pre-agreed schedule at any time convenient to you.

Components and accessories are delivered on the first day of installation or the day before. We prepare detailed technical drawings in advance, indicating all electrical and sanitary outlets necessary for your kitchen. Before the delivery, a preliminary inspection of the premises is required to verify compliance with project documentation.


A team of qualified assemblers arrive at the time agreed upon with you in advance and start work. On average, the installation of kitchen furniture takes from 3 to 7 days.

Stone worktops should be installed in two weeks after measurements are taken.
Experience shows that sometimes unforeseen situations may arise during assembly. We always endeavor to find the right solution as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your new SieMatic kitchen. When the assembly is finished we would like to visit you in your new kitchen and see the results.

For us, the most enjoyable part of the whole process is to see how our projects have been realized, make sure that our customers feel happy and remain our partners for many years!

Project Options

Collection of project documentation – this is a very important part of design. The quality of the repairs, final price and your satisfaction with the result depend on maintaining and collecting project documentation. You can do this independently or entrust the task to our specialists—we enforce a firm consistency policy, which allows us to achieve the best results.

Calculating material costs

Construction works require a lot of material. Calculating material costs is an important part of the general process and it requires time and experience.

Organizing the work of subcontractors

We work with many manufacturers from Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany and cooperate with reliable material suppliers and Estonian construction companies.

Preparation of quotations and checking material supply

Competent project implementation is impossible without timely supply. We keep track of the financial documentation for every service and product, find the best prices for you and monitor supply terms on the basis of the construction schedule.

Quality control

We perform author supervision in all stages of a project. We advise the contractors on site and check the performance accuracy of the project.

Complete financial statement

You will receive a complete financial statement in all stages of project implementation. We choose the best options for you. For offer a selection of several options.

We supply furniture, lighting and accessories for our projects directly without mediators, which helps to significantly save money. The goods are ordered from catalogues. Our work experience has allowed creating stable relationships with manufactures and suppliers, necessary for achieving the best quality in individual design projects.

If a contracting entity hands over a project for us to manage, it will save them time and money. All designs and materials are supplied to the contracting entity at a time and place suitable for them. We offer consultations for and help in selecting colors, textures and finishes and order the necessary patterns and paints.