Aroma Design

We will help you choose a fragrance at our showroom, advise you on fragrance diffuser issues or conduct a presentation in your office. Our specialist can visit your premises with a sampler set. Our fragrances will add new sensations to all aspects of your life. Aroma design is relevant everywhere!

Store Fragrances

When buyers feel your establishment smells nice, they’ll stay in your shop for longer and certainly boost your sales. We will select a fragrance that will become your business’s defining characteristic.

Event Fragrances

Rent of fragrance vases. We deliver vases to your event venue within Tallinn and place them in appropriate zones.

Decoration of Art Exhibitions

A fragrance boosts both the milieu and mood of your exhibition.

Decoration of display apartments

A fragrance makes the apartment you’re selling cozier and more attractive to potential buyers.

Home Fragrances

Home fragrances create an atmosphere that fits your mood, helps you to relax or perks you up.

Office Fragrances

A proper office fragrance blends flawlessly with the company’s concept and emphasizes corporate style.

Wedding Decoration

Are you looking for something new and original? Wedding aroma design will make that special occasion even more unique and memorable.

Decoration of Fair Booths

Our fragrance will attract visitors to your booth.